Gardner Village is known for its witch-themed events this time of year, but it may also have a ghost. And we decided to focus on that ghost for this week's Local Haunt. Scroll to the bottom of the page for all of the local haunts we've posted this month.

Archibald Gardner, one of Utah’s original settlers, ran the West Jordan Mill—now the site of Country Furniture & Gifts at Gardner Village. And many years after death, some say he’s still there, looking after the property.

Photo by Kathie Marsh

Tina McDonald, former employee at the store and current manager at Archibald’s Restaurant, says she can’t prove it is Archie that's hanging around the store, but she’s seen the signs of a playful ghost.

One night, McDonald and an employee closed up for the night, leaving the store pitch black. Ten minutes later, McDonald got a call from a co-worker asking if she went back to the store. “She says, ‘I just got a call from the store,’” McDonald explains. So, McDonald headed back to the store and found the lights on. When she saw there was no sign of forced entry or anyone at the store, she turned the lights off and headed home. But the lights were back on in the morning, seemingly before anyone had arrived.

McDonald says it’s also common to find the beds unmade, like someone had taken a nap while the store was closed.

“Most of the activity comes whenever changes go on in the store or something’s remodeled,” McDonald says. Once, during renovations, she says a customer and an employee saw garden picks float out of a glass jar, which started to spin on the dresser it was displayed on before crashing to the floor.

Another employee swears she spotted a jovial man in overalls who disappeared at second glance.

“It actually feels pretty positive,” McDonald says. “There’s nothing intimidating or scary about it. Mainly, it seems playful.”

Gardner Village is located at 1100 W. 7800 South, West Jordan

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