THE FAINT, IN THE VENUE, Friday, Nov. 9, 7:30 p.m., $20

One of the pioneering bands of Omaha's Saddle Creek Records, The Faint is perhaps the label's most unlikely success story considering their dance-rock sound dominated by industrial and goth grooves on the band's breakthrough, Danse Macabre. The album's dedication to the sound of Berlin dance clubs and lyrical themes full of sexual exploration aren't exactly the kinds of things you expect from the so-called heartland. But, The Faint struck a chord and ended up being chased by major labels who saw a good thing and wanted to capture the band's energy for the mainstream. Instead, The Faint remained indie, eventually forming its own label. The band took a pause a few years ago, but they are back on the road and performing Danse Macabre in its entirety, as well as cuts from other albums and (gasp!) some promised new music.

MILO GREENE, KILBY COURT, Saturday, Nov. 10, 8 p.m., $12

A clever bit of gamesmanship helped get Milo Greene a bit of buzz early on. A couple of guys named Robbie Arnett and Andrew Heringer were playing shows and not getting much of a crowd, so they created a "manager" named Milo Greene who would call venues to land them shows. The duo soon found that having another person--even though it was just one of them in disguise--working on their behalf got them better, bigger gigs. Now the two are in a band together, and they gave that band the name of that lucky, nonexistent manager. Milo Greene opened for the Civil Wars back in May, and their breezy boy-girl harmonies and folk-rock songs evoke California's Laurel Canyon sound. The band's self-titled debut arrived this summer, and earned them appearances on David Letterman's show and some non-stop touring, including this show Saturday in Salt Lake City.