While you're dreaming of the Thanksgiving feast you'll be consuming in just a few days, consider the amount of Vitamin D you'll consume.  After all, it's the important stuff that helps your body employ the calcium and phosphorus to make your bones healthy and strong.

The vitamin most connected to sunshine might seem a little more lacking these days when the sun goes into hiding for a few months. And while you might think it best to get your dose from the sun's rays, that's not actually true. We all know sun exposure can cause skin cancer and premature aging, and according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), UV exposure can also cause cataracts and suppressed immune responses - something you definitely don't want to be without during flu season.

So the best way to get a healthy dose of the stuff? Eat it.

Skip the tanning salon, save your porcelain winter glow and head straight for the market. Look for foods – like milk, cheese, yogurt, cereal and juice – fortified with Vitamin D. Fish like salmon and canned tuna are full of healthy fats (Omega-3) and Vitamin D.

So this week as you serve up a heap of mashed potatoes (also packing a decent dose of Vitamin D), throw in a little whole milk in the name of healthy skin and bones.