Chances are good that you will soon have more pumpkin pie leftovers than you'll have ideas about how to serve them. Why not whip up an easy-to-make appetizer? I gave it a try with very tasty results. Here's how:

1. Begin with a slice of pumpkin pie.

2. Fry bacon on med-high until crisp. Remove bacon from pan, dab with paper towel to remove excess grease, crumble and then set aside. Use the same pan (with adequate bacon grease) to saute chopped onion on medium heat until golden (about 10 minutes). Add chopped thyme, salt and pepper to taste. Stir the onion mixture and crumbled bacon together along with room-temperature pumpkin pie filling that has been scooped from the crust.

3. Spread the savory pumpkin topping onto small toasts and garnish with chopped thyme.

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