Okay, I hate Black Friday. I see it as the nadir to which capitalism can sink, bringing out the worst kind of competitive spirit and materialism fostered by the ideals of individualism and the drive to win.

On the other hand, great deals on good local food are always welcome, and spending on ephemeral pleasure instead of the latest in Blu-Rays or video games is always a wiser investment. So Liberty Heights Fresh Black Friday sale caught my eye: Twenty percent off everything, including gift cards and gift baskets.

High quality and unique specialty olive oils and vinegars, rare globally sourced chocolate bars, Rustichella d'Abruzzo pastas, Zursun heirloom beans and lentils, locally made Creminelli sausages, Jeni's Splendid Ice-creams–you could stock your pantry for months.

Generally, it's sad but true that better food is more expensive food, but in my opinion, there's no better place to spend than on food that is going into your own body. Chances are, it's supporting a small business somewhere and doing the good earth a favor as well. (Anyone watch Ken Burns' Dust Bowl last week?)

So go grab a cart and fill it up at Liberty Heights Fresh. And don't forget they'll be open tomorrow morning too.