Clean water, something that we take for granted every day, is hard to find in third world countries. People Water works to change that as a leading provider of ecofriendly products that supply clean water to thousands of people globally.

Now, they are teaming up with the Leonardo Museum to present an exhibit called “Water: Nature's Driving Force” to raise awareness for their cause. A black tie gala will take place on Nov. 29, where co-founder Cody Barker will speak about the company's clean water efforts. In addition, money raised from the event will be used towards funding a clean water well in Kenya.

The exhibit will feature a variety of displays and installations by People Water as well as black and white photographs from Australian photographer Paul Blackmore. It will run through Jan. 23, 2013. Ken Bretschneider, CEO of People Water said that “With the opening of the Water exhibit, we feel it's the perfect fit to combine our efforts in making a difference in the world both locally as well as globally. Raising money to fund a Leonardo Well will literally help thousands of people get access to clean drinking water. After all, we are not asking you to change anything except the world.”

To attend the gala, contact Paris Gibson at 801.755.1843 or For more information click here.