Willkommen! You’ve just arrived at the St. Thomas Church, one of the most historic churches in German history. It’s where Johann Sebastian Bach spent more than 25 years of his life and where he’s spent the last 62 years of his death, since his remains were moved to St. Thomas’s in Leipzig in 1950.

Now some people may think that visiting German churches filled with the remains of dead composers might be a bit boring. But not you. You’ve found the perfect escape: a guided tour of Germany’s most beautiful, religious treasures.

From May 18–26, 2013, you can follow the trail of faith throughout Germany with Umlaut Travel. The company offers a trip to some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. So start sprechening your Deutsch, because you won’t want to miss seeing the Romanesque Kaiserdom of Worms, Bavaria’s Baroque and Rococo churches, and Luther’s room in Wartburg Castle.

Your trip across the Atlantic is just a few sleeping hours of flight time from SLC Int’l Airport to JFK in New York City, and from JFK to LEJ in Leipzig, Germany.

For about two grand, you can spend eight days traveling throughout the German countryside and discovering a bit of German history. And of course, the draw of German chocolate and beer doesn’t hurt either. So while you’re there, be sure to taste all the strudel you can find, and don’t forget to bring home a few chocolate bars for your friends.