Ogden's Own Distillery received high praise and incredible awards at the New York International Spirits Competition

The local distiller was honored with the title "Distillery of the Year," a bronze medal for their Five Wives vodka, and a sliver medal for their Underground Herbal Spirit, which also won double gold in the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

And since the judging at the competition is notoriously tough, it's an even greater honor for Ogden's Own.

Steve Conlin, partner and marketing director at Ogden’s Own Distillery said of the presitgious awards, “Medalling in an international competition, where only 14 vodka were recognized, is quite the honor for us.”

Five Wives Vodka was in the news this summer when the state of Idaho temporary banned the product from sale due to its cheeky label. But Idaho eventually repealed the ban and is currently one of the states selling the brand. Other states include Alabama, Texas, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Washington, Arkansas, Oregon, Missouri, California, Nevada and Colorado with Michigan, Illinois and Noth Dakota to be added in the coming months.

The products are also available for sale online through OgdensOwn.com.