I've spent months asking questions about guns.

The big question was, and remains, Why do Utahns love guns so much? The insights I received from my gun-loving neighbors is in an in-depth article in Salt Lake magazine's upcoming issue and online in a day or two. Here's an excerpt.

After today, not just Utahns, but all Americans, should be asking ourselves about our country's love affair with guns. Semi-automatic assault weapons with large-capacity ammunition magazines like the one presumably used today, are readily available. How available? I got curious and did a quick local check.

Over 70 such guns, so-called assault weapons--variations on AR-15s, AK-47s and SKSs-- were posted for sale just in the last 24 hours on KSL's classified website. Some of these are probably being sold by dealers who require background checks. Others are private sales, no identification required.