Certified cheese expert Matt Caputo says:

So a few weeks back in a post about seasonality I wrote how Timpanogos Peak from Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery is the best cheese in Utah. Well it is still just as good, but it has been totally eclipsed by another cheese from the same company. Although in years past Strawberry Peak does not normally peak until early February it is totally on point right now.

Last week at Caputo's crew's annual Christmas Eve drink-a-thon we cut into several dozen of the geekiest cheeses in our counter with a giant 3 liter bottle of bubbly (and other wines, and beer, and whiskey, and scotch).

Of all the uber expensive and she-she imported and American cheeses we paired with the wide array of beverages, not a single pairing came close to elevating one another nearly as much as the bubbly and Strawberry Peak. And this is coming from me with my admitted bias toward European classics.

So for your NYE celebrations don't miss this washed rind cow/sheep blend from Eden, Utah. No crybabies allowed though, because washed rind means stinky. For brave souls who keep an open mind you are in for a rocket-ship ride of tertiary flavors when that first sip of bubbly hits your cheesy lips.

Hands down, the best cheese in America right now (that is if you are not a crybaby). Stig & Susan Hansen the cheese maker and shepherdess are $#@* gangsta!

Get it at Caputo's.