Since he was nine, Travis Hill says he has been different. In 2009, he was on A&E television show “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal," where he says he started to understand his abilities.

He is well known in Utah's psychic community as a healer and medium, and he's appeared on local radio, giving advice people say has given them an understanding of their problems. And he was featured in Salt Lake magazine's Haunted Beehive story in October 2011, talking about the experiences he says he's had with those who have passed away.

And now, he's planning a group reading at the Water Wellness Center, 3727 S. 900 East, SLC, on Jan. 24.

He sat down with us to answer a few questions before the reading. 

When did you first realize that you could talk with spirits?

"When I was nine, I fell out of a tree, hit my head and almost died. When I had recovered from this experience, I started seeing people that not everyone saw, as I found out, when telling my parents. I was then taken to my aunt, who also shared this gift, and she helped me understand what was going on." 

What is one experience that you won't be able to forget?

"When I was 12, I was watching television and it was bedtime, so I was turning off the television and I saw a girl in the reflection and I looked around and there was no one there. I dove under the covers and somehow managed to sleep that night. Now, on my wall I had an old analog clock. When I woke up, the clock was gone. I ran to my mom's room and she came in and helped me look for it. Eventually, we found the clock under my pillow, right where my head was resting that night. If it had fallen, it would have hit my head and woken me up, so I think the little girl was just trying to play." 

How will the group readings work on the 24th?

"I will get a sense of the spiritual presence and the impressions of the spirits, and the strongest ones usually make themselves known and I allow them to come to the forefront and make their message known. When I'm communicating with a spirit, it's interpretation, like when you read a book and your brain provides the background, so I have to work through the impressions to get to the message that needs to be gotten across, which isn't always what the living want to hear, but it's what the deceased need to say." 

Find out more about Travis Hill on his Facebook page here. To get tickets to his event, purchase them here.