We saw a lot of gams at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards. But that's not the only place we've spotted great legs—a recent trip to Madison McCord Interiors shows that tables are also strutting their stuff.

We spoke with Marsha from Madison McCord and discovered tables their can be as custom as the couture gowns on the runway.

Upon entering the store, it goes something like this: First you select a table style, whether trussle, four-leg or something of your own design. Don't hesitate to ask for something original—there's no need to fear appearing like a Hollywood diva. If you want a 20-seat table or even a ninety-foot one, they can make it. The manufacturer is also a wood factory and workshop, allowing the table to be tailored to fit your vision.

The next step is selecting materials from options ranging from wood to metals. Madison McCord even offers a unique selection of salvaged wood. These woods are taken from a variety of places including barn doors and church pews.

This crank table with a steel top allows you to adjust its height to fit your fancybar height for those high-class nights or dining height for a relaxed family dinner.

The olive-stained base, refurbished from a barn door, supports a beautiful birch top.

This tressle table boasts a reclaimed wood base and metal rivets and allows for seating all around the perimeter.

This elegant design is kept comfortable by pairing it with a dining banquette. Eye-catching zinc tops the table.

These woods are part of a vast selection of distinctive materials including metals and reclaimed wood.

This post was originally published on utahstyleanddesign.com.