If the “Mother of All Inversions” and DABC craziness weren't enough to drive away the economic benefits of the Outdoor Retailer show and the Sundance Film Festival, the Sutherland Institute is willing to lend a hand by making Utahns look like  provincial hayseeds. (Which is pretty accurate, come to think of it.)

Yes, the Sutherland Institute wants the world to believe upright Utahns have their undies in a bunch about Sundance hosting films about pornstars (“Lovelace”) and women having affairs with each other's adult sons ("Two Mothers"). 

Sutherland says the state should pull its funding — about $300,000—from the festival. (Compare that to the estimated $80 million that the annual avant-garde film fest brings into the state.)

It's the usual Sutherland/Eagle Forum hoo-ha: "There are a lot of people here that find that kind of thing objectionable. We are a family friendly state and we endeavor to be so because we value the benefits that strong families bring to society." 

First, you'd be hard pressed to find a dozen Utahns who have a problem with Sundance, they just avoid movies they find objectionable and soul killing—just like people I know avoided "Les Miz."

The truth is that the Sutherland Institute periodically issues these idiotic press releases just to prove to its funders that it actually has some impact on the state. It doesn't, besides paying the salaries of a few priggish wonks.

Thus, if the media stops paying attention, it will go away.