Pinterest is great for keeping track of your favorite styles and inspirations, but sometimes it helps to see your style laid out in front of you. If you're attending Sundance Film Festival this week, pop into SOREL's booth where you can participate in a contest by "pinning" in person.

The booth features a life-size pinboard, where festival goers can design their personal board by selecting from a variety of items including SOREL boots, Flight Boutique clothing, and Fresh beauty products. There is also an assortment of inspiration items such as tactile imagery and art pieces pinners can use to further stylize their board.

Each day of the contest (Jan. 17-21) the designer of one winning board will be chosen to receive prizes from the sponsoring venues. If you don't want to miss out but are unable to make it out to Park City you can also pin from home! Separate prizes will be awarded to online participants between Jan. 17 and Jan. 27.

Ready, set, pin!