Well, January 2013 is wrapping up. What ever happened to those New Year's resolutions we all made less than a month ago to live healthier lives? Chances are we started off strong, but most of us will never end up crossing the finish line. 

Alpine, Utah resident Betsy Schow is living proof that it isn't just about winning the resolution race, no matter the type or distance. The most important objective is to finish it.  

Schow appeared on NBC's Today Show yesterday to attest that she finally found a "Philosophy of Finishing" that helped her overcome her long-distance weight loss race. On the program, she said that "you have to focus on the inside, on that negative little voice that tells you 'you can't.'" Her philosophy involves gaining mental toughness to overcome the challenges that make you want to give up.  

Schow describes her mental and physical journey in a new book titled, Finished Being Fat, published just after the New Year. She describes hitting the weight loss wall over and over again and the strain it put on her marriage. In an article by the Wall Street Journal, she said that the turning point happened one night while complaining to her husband about putting on the pounds. He simply replied, "Turn off your thinker and go back to sleep."

The mental toughness she needed was to stop saying negative things to herself and start doing positive things. She stopped focusing on the extreme fads that didn't work and concentrated instead on the daily actions of tracking calories and exercising at least four days a week. She ended up finishing her race strong by sprinting to the tape, losing 75 healthy pounds in just 10 months.  

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