Valentine's season is upon us, and what better way to spend the day of love than partaking of delicious delicacies created just for the occasion? The renowned patisserie Les Madeleines has created a Valentine's Day menu, treating those who wish to make the most of their romantic day to a number of mouthwatering masterpieces.

Call before you go. These items will put on the menu on different dates throughout February.

NEW Chocolate Fondue Kit, $27, chocolate fondue, orange madeleines, mini angel food cake, raspberry marshmallows, coconut macaroons, strawberry pâte de fruit, two fondue forks (serves two)

La Vie en Rose Cake, $8.95, Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, raspberry Bavarian and rose mousse (serves two)

Reine de Saba, $8.95, Chocolate amaretto cake, dark chocolate glaze (serves two)

Chocolate Tangerine Heart, $8.95, Chocolate cake, tangerine gelée, chocolate-tangerine semifreddo (serves two)

Passion Fruit Meringue Tart, $3.75, Heart-shaped shell filled with passion fruit curd, topped with lightly torched meringue

Heart Linzer Cookies, $1.25, Filled with raspberry jam

Heart-Shaped Ro-eos, $1.50

Luscious Lip Cookies, $1.50

Raspberry Marshmallows, $4.95 (4 oz. bag)

Vegas, Baby! Cupcakes, $2.25, Mini vanilla cupcake with cinnamon imperials (red hots), vanilla cream cheese frosting, white chocolate sprinkles

Chocolate Whoopie Pies, $1.75

Fortune Cookies, $1.25

Lollies, $1.75

Les Madeleines is located at 216 E 500 S in Salt Lake City. For more information click here or call 801-355-2294.