Thanks to the rise of social media, there's an easy way to find a remedy for just about anything. Broken light bulb in the socket? Get it out with a potato. Don't have enough oil for your cake recipe? Sub in applesauce instead.

Of course, the internet is always good for something, but sometimes it carries advice that isn't always the best. So let's lay down a few helpful beauty dos and don'ts and lay to rest the harmful myths.

1. DO exfoliate regularly.

DON'T exfoliate the face with products formulated for the body or that contain harsh exfoliants (i.e. nut shells). Although you won't see it with your naked eye, using a scrub that contains anything from an apricot or walnut tears your skin. Look for one instead that feels soft and rolls easily between your fingers.

2. DO moisturize your face daily.

DON'T apply moisturizer to the eyes.

This can cause irritation, and really, eyelids don't need moisturizer anyway. Even eye creams and serums should be applied just to the orbit of the eye (the bone that surrounds the eyelid.)

3. DO clean makeup brushes weekly

DON'T clean them with anything harsher than you would clean your face with.

DON'T attempt to dry them in a hurry with a blowdryer.

I've found that the cleanser I use to clean my face is the best thing to clean my brushes. It's gentle enough, but it gets out the product. Harsh cleaners can harm the delicate bristles, and when you think about it, whatever you clean your brush with ultimately ends up on your face. So maybe, let's steer clear of dish soap?

Also, hot blowdryers and brush bristles don't mix. At the risk of frying, fraying or just plain melting the brush, plan ahead and always let it air dry.

4. DO blot your lips after applying lipstick

DON'T "bite" down on the tissue.

This removes the lipstick unevenly. Instead, use the tissue to gently pat your lips with even pressure.

5. DO whiten your teeth

DON'T do it with lemon juice

Citric acid breaks down tooth enamel, and lemon juice has a whole lotta citric acid. If you're looking for a less expensive at-home option, start with baking soda.