The next generation restaurant engine Nara is now mobile and as of yesterday has added Salt Lake City to it's list of 50 cities in its database.

Think of it as the Pandora or Yelp of dining apps. The new mobile app works the same way as the website, displaying three questions next to a set of provided images. By selecting the images, the service builds a picture of what represents you the best, asking you to select two of your favorite restaurants in a Nara-supported city. You then further tailor your recommendations with a thumbs up or thumbs down rating to differerent restaurants. The great part, it saves your 'dining dna' so when you visit other Nara-supported cities it can give you recommendations based on your tastes.

While it doesn't have as many filters as our mobile dining site, or dining editor's Mary's recommendations this has a much bigger reach and until we can clone Mary to travel with you to other cities we think this is a pretty great companion to our dining guide. In addition to restaurants the company has plans in the future to tackle shopping, hotels, and other entertainment.