We're a city that can't seem to get enough sushi–you can buy it half-price, all-you-can-eat,  drive-through, at the grocery store…I'm just waiting for the Colonel to introduce a special family-size Bucket O'Bait. What else could be next?

ad infinitum...

However, there's everything more to Japanese cuisine than sushi. Thank god. I've written before about the wonders of Japanese cuisine as presented by Naked Fish–it's one of the very best dining experiences you can have in SLC.

What could make it better, one wonders.

And one answers, Sparkling wine.

We're talking a Japanese menu that proceeds from sashimi to nigiri to yakitori, the best, most precisely fresh examples of this highly ritualized cuisine. That's the naked part.

The bubbly part is that every course will be accompanied by a specially chosen Adami prosecco, ranging through bone dry, dry, sort of dry styles according to the dish. Including a glass of Adami's famed Vigneto Giardino bottling from its first designated Cru. If you don't know what that means, wine expert Francis Fecteau will be there to explain it all.

The perfect part is that nothing complements the pristine flavors of fresh crudo as well as sparkling wine. Nothing lightens the smoke of the grill as well as sparkling wine. No sparkling wine is as much fun as prosecco.

In other words, don't miss this dinner. It's only $40 plus $25 ($25!!!) for the wine pairings. Space is very limited–the crowd will be smaller than your average family reunion. It's from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. on Friday, February 22 at Naked Fish Japanese Bistro.

Forget Valentine's day dinner. Book this now. You can cook a meal for your sweetheart. You can't cook this.

Call Naked Fish now to save your glass: 801-595-8888