There is no such thing as the stay-at-home mom in our modern day. Women are on the go with kids in tow more than ever, and movement means kids will meltdown. While technology has increased the predictability and convenience in our everyday lives, one thing will always remain unpredictable and inconvenient: a screaming child. The last thing a mother should think about is finding an outlet or appliance to warm that comforting bottle when her child goes into hysterics. 

Salt Lake resident Maureen Christy understood this only too well as an on-the-go single mother who raised a son in the 90s and became a godmother in 2007. She decided something needed to be done when her friend, a mother, asked a retail worker at the Park City Tanger outlet mall to microwave a bottle for Christy's goddaughter. Christy was shocked to learn that a solution had not been developed yet. "Nothing allowed you to warm consecutive bottles while being out," she says. 

That's when she began working on the solution to this problem: WarmZe.  

Her career in the medical field directed her involvement in the WarmZe creation process. "I did all the testing and monitoring of the heat outputs," she says. The WarmZe uses natural heat from an air activated warmer to warm liquids in 30 minutes or less while never overheating. The warmer sleeve wraps around the bottle keeping in the warmth. Christy says the gradual warming process she tested is necessary to maintain the essential nutrients in formula or milk. Each warmer lasts 10 hours, which keeps mothers prepared for feeding times all day and night. After two years of research, Christy released her product in 2009, and mothers who go everywhere can now warm bottles on the go anywhere.

The WarmZe is safe, non-electric, eco-friendly and catching on fast. While Christy's Free to Be Me Baby Products, LLC is based in Utah, the WarmZe is now found in New Zealand and Australia with 35 more countries pending. "We're looking to get into major retailers who specialize in baby, grocery, pharmacy and travel products," Christy says.

She is launching her product on later this month and plans to donate WarmZe products to the American Red Cross for future disaster relief. The WarmZe was recently voted as best travel bottle warmer on the market by  

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