Devin Roane soars at iFLY.

Master of the Dive Devin Roane Devin

Roane has logged more time in free fall this year than most skydivers will in their lifetimes. he’s been skydiving for 10 years and got started when a relaxing weekend turned into a flying habit he’s never been able to shake. “I was hanging out at my friend’s cabin and since he was going out to do a jump, I went along,” Roane recalls. “After that first time, I just loved it.”

Since then he’s set world records in skydiving and is a founding member of Rockwell Airtime, the 2010 USPA Skydiving National Champions. Roane admits that the adrenaline rush is part of what draws him to the sport, but says the whole experience is rewarding. “You jump out of a plane, and there’s this amazing rush, but then you pull your parachute and you’re under the canopy for 3,000 feet,” he says. “It’s just super peaceful [when you’re] looking out over the Great Salt Lake.”

When he’s not tumbling out of a plane or perfecting his technique in the tunnel, Roane teaches others how to follow in his footsteps at iFLY, where he works as an instructor.

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