1896: Chester Rodney England born in Plain City, Utah.

1916: England marries Maude Knight. Shortly thereafter, he leaves for a 30-month LDS Church mission to the Southern states.

1920: Chester buys a Model T truck and begins farm-to-market service for Weber County and Cache Valley. He eventually begins to haul milk for Weber Dairy.

1920s: Birth of Chester and Maude’s children, Gene, Bill, Rosemary and Carol.

1941–45: Cigarette rations traded, vehicle rented to soldiers on leave during WWII.

1946: Chester turns the operations over to sons Gene and Bill.

1957: C.R. England is the first in the nation to offer 72-hour coast-to-coast delivery service. 

1959: Company opens an office in Philadelphia, followed a few years later by fist terminal in Pennsauken, N.J. Eventually East Coast operations moved to Burlington, N.J. 

1972: Company revenues are $18 million.

1982: Consolidation of services to Salt Lake terminal, though England still operates terminals in New Jersey, California, Indiana and Texas.

2005: Gene and Bill England transition operations to Gene's family, with Dan England named chairman of the board, followed in 2008 by transfer to Gene's four sons, Dan, Dean, Todd and Corey.

2012: Company revenues are $1.3 billion.

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