Spring's hottest hue is stepping off the New York runways and inspiring everything from cosmetics to home decor.

Clockwise beginning with book: Notebook, Got Beauty, $7; Scarf, Nineteen70, $14; Print, Hip & Humble, $62; Jewelry tree, West Elm, $29; Earrings, Nineteen70, $14; Buckle ring, Hip & Humble, $18; Lamp, West Elm, $69; Selected books, The Children's Hour and Got Beauty, $13-$25; Jewelry box, West Elm, $15; Bath soak, Hip & Humble, $23; Batiste Dry Shampoo, Got Beauty, $11; Earrings, Apt. 202, $10; 49 Square Miles wallet, Purse Dreams, $195; Striped tumbler, West Elm, $6.40; POPS Cosmetics eye shadow, Got Beauty, $12.75; OPI polish, Got Beauty, $8.50; POPS Cosmetics eye pencil, Got Beauty, $9.50; Necklace, Hip & Humble, $74; Sunshine pencil, Got Beauty, $6.50/4pk

"Yellow is warm, inclusive and happy. If you wear yellow, you feel like a change is coming in your world, and you're open to it."—Pamela Nielsen, local artist and expert in colors and chakras, pamelanielsen.com