When you think of an attorney, you probably don't picture one making jewelry for celebs.

But for Layton, Utah lawyer Heidi Kingman, it's a passion. It all started when she was invited to a neighbor's party in 2007, where there was jewlry making. "I just fell in love with bending wire and setting stones," she says. 

Not long after, she started MyBeadTherapy, a home-based business featuring her own jewelry creations that has since grown into  Heidi Kingman Jewelry, specializing in earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. The styles of the pieces are a blend between the organic and the industrial and portray a raw, almost primitive design while displaying a classy and chic look. It's also apparent by the incredible detail how much work goes into every piece. 

Working as an attorney, Kingman says her roots are actually in the arts. "As an art major, I dabbled in everything from photography to sculpture," she says. But she has since discovered making jewelry is the medium she loves the most. "It draws on all the other mediums I studied, and it's so versatile. You're only limited by what you can get the metal to do." 

Vampire Diaries character Abby (Persia White) sports Heidi's "Olde World Romance" earrings

Kingman's work is being recognized all over the country. In November 2012, she was contacted by Leigh Leverett, head wardrobe stylist for CW TV series The Vampire Diaries, and informed that her "Olde World Romance" earrings would be used as part of a costume on the show. True to her word, the earrings adorned the character Abby in the January 31 episode, "A View to a Kill." Kingman, who's a fan of the show, was ecstatic. "I froze the screen so my husband could see," she laughs. It was one thing to know they would be featured on the show, but she says it was surreal when it aired. 

This is not the only recognition Kingman has received for her work. In November of last year, 120 of her "Strike a Chord" guitar bracelets were included in the swag bags handed out to celebrities at the 2012 Country Music Awards, including Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and Scotty McCreery. This year, she has prepared 30 special "Eco-Globe" bracelets to include in the 2013 Artisan Group's Earth Day gift bags.

The once-hobby and means of "therapy" for Kingman has grown into something much more.

"Eco-Globe" Bracelet