It all started when they were kids. Popcorn was just a snack then, something salty and delicious whipped up by Mom. But now, it has become a way of life for Mike and Vanessa Dobson and the thing they are most passionate about. 

Since those carefree childhood days, the couple has launched an incredibly successful gourmet organic popcorn business based here in Salt Lake City called Pop Art. It started in their kitchen with five small air poppers, but they have since moved to a professional commercial kitchen, and the fruits of their labors can be found in most high-end grocery stores and specialty markets. The Dobsons view their products as not just food but works of art, expanding the known realms of popcorn flavors and creating savory new mixtures that leave their customers begging for more.

And that is exactly what has brought them their newest business opportunity. Eager patrons of Pop Art were once contently satisfied with the existing four flavors: Rosemary Truffle, White Pepper Parmesan, Thai Coconut Curry, and White Cheddar Jalapeno. But eventually, requests began to come for other flavors. Sweeter flavors. And after some mixing and experimenting, two new and promising flavors were born: Honey & Lavander and Maple & Smoked Sea Salt, finally attaining that rustic, sweet dimension everyone was looking for. 

Pop Art's anticipated new flavors, Honey & Lavander and Maple & Smoked Sea Salt

No doubt the new line of Pop Art will be an enormous success, but as of yet, the Dobsons find they lack the proper equipment to produce the new flavors on a large scale. They have launched their first-ever Kickstarter campaign as a means to raise the money to buy a 20-gallon carmelizer and cooling table that will allow them to produce large quantities of their new line.

Those who wish to pledge their support in funding the project can do so on the Kickstarter website, and in return for their support and if they prove successful, Pop Art will reward their backers with special treats such as bags of the new flavors of popcorn, a variety of their existing flavors, T-shirts and hats. 

Let's hope this unique business achieves their goal, and their new artistic creation will be on shelves soon for all to enjoy. 

Click here for Pop Art's Kickstarter page.