Let's face it. We live in a crazy world that is fast-paced; and, sometimes, it's really difficult to relax after a long day at work.

Good thing we have local businesses that work hard to help us out. Take Faustina for example. On April 5, Faustina will be adding more beauty and relaxation to their already calming restaurant with live music.

The restaurant is a Salt Lake City institution, but this is actually the first time they will have live music. "We are excited to give our guests a new way to have an enjoyable experience with family and friends," says general manager, Hillary Merrill. "With the addition of live bands in our restaurant, we don't have future plans to expand our restaurant, we do have the room for it." Depending on the season, you might see acts inside or on the patio.

For this first night of music, April 5, guests will have a chance to catch jazz music from Karen Wikstrom and Les Groove Artistes from 8-10 p.m. Cover charge is $10, and guests are strongly encouraged to make reservations.

Along with a small-plates menu, Merrill encourages guests to order a drink. "We've even made a hot new cocktail just in time for this event called the Pineapple Creme," she says. "It's made with vanilla vodka, Sauvignon Blanc and pineapple juice—it's pretty darn good."