According to a recent study, business is in Utah's blood., a respected online platform used for hiring local contractors, and the Kaufman Foundation (a foundation focused on entrepreneurship) combined forces to rank Utah as the number one state for small businesses based on 7,776 responses from small businesses across the country.When breaking down the elements of our success, the groups asserted that Utah's "training and networking programs" are the critical components. 

Foremost among these training and networking programs is the University of Utah's Pierre Lassonde Entrepreneurship Center, part of the David Eccles School of Business.

Charged with the task of training the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders. “We provide the opportunity for students to experience starting and running businesses while getting a degree," says director Troy D'Ambrosio. "Classroom learning combined with real-world application teach students how to start a business or have an immediate impact on the business.” 

Thousands of students benefit from the programs offered by the Lassonde Entrepreneurship Center each year, taking part in workshops and programs such as the Utah Entrepreneurship Series, which includes three statewide business plan competitions sponsored by Zions bank, or the Foundry, which consists of a student business peer network program.

It also provides places where students can sharpen their skills and knowledge such as the New Venture Development Center, which provides graduate students a place to write business plans and converse with faculty on a personal level. The Lassonde Entrepreneurship Center is an example of why the University of Utah is one of the state's best roots of good business practice, and why Utah is showing the nation how it's done on the small business battlefield.