How far would you be willing to run for someone you love? What about someone you don't know? One man is running for both, and he is committed to run 3,000 miles across the United States.

Landon Cooper, founder of Miles 2 Give, is raising awareness and funding for sarcoma (bone) cancer research.

After having lost a dear friend to sarcoma cancer in 2011, Cooper's life took on a transformation as he realized just how much he could give to those in need. Having played semi-pro soccer, and being fortunate enough to have a lucrative career, Cooper began pooling his resources together to start living, breathing, and using his energies to benefit others.

"My life consisted of a lot of work and a lot of play; one day I realized I was attempting to climb an invisible ladder," says Cooper. "I felt every sunrise was a dead end in an attempt to feed a hunger that was never truly satisfied."

After running a race for his friend that battled sarcoma, Cooper began to feel not only a newness of life, but a fulness as well. "I began sharing my experiences with coworkers, and friends; sadly, I started to understand that there were more people in my social circles who had been effected by sarcoma cancer than I ever expected," Cooper said, "From there, I decided to hang up my corporate shoes, and clocked in full-time to help those battling sarcoma."

With a team of about 10 people by his side, Cooper is making his way across the United States from San Fransico, CA to Ocean City, MD. They are scheduled to finish their journey in August 2013. "The team I'm with, is really what's making this happen; they are great people," Cooper said.

Cooper, who lived and trained in Salt Lake City for four months, is currently running through Utah, and he will be attending a fundraising event at Tucci's restaurant on Saturday, April 13 at Trolley Corners (across from Trolley Square). Peter Breinholt, along with other musicians, will be playing at Tucci's to raise money for Marshall Jensen, a young college student battling leukemia.

"In our journey to battle sarcoma, we've developed a code to stop by where, or when we can, to help support others who battle cancer," Cooper says.