Matt says:

Often times social settings are populated by timid palates. If they are friends, I just refer to them as crybabies. If they are not, I just refer to them as timid palates, because I don't want them to get all offended and crybaby on me.

Unfortunately this means there are times in life when stinky cheeses are not appropriate. I have learned this lesson the hard way after bringing cheeses way out of people's comfort zone and being the target of suspicion and ridicule.
Therefore, when asked to bring cheese for mixed company I always tone things down a bit compared to what I would normally serve at home or with close friends. Grotte Caputo is always one of the cheeses included because its batting average is 1000. I don't think I have ever met anyone that did not love this hard cows milk cheese that spends 14 months in our cheese cave.

To make Grotte Caputo we start with a very young Wisconsin Asiago made by our long lost Caputo cousins back East. Their family and company name is also Caputo. When it gets to us it is extremely young and essentially flavorless.

We age in a very simplistic manner. About 8 months of anaerobic aging kills all the Asiago starter cultures. Over time, adjunct cultures in the cheese paste which are more similar to the air-hating bacteria found in Gouda start to take over. By 14 months we have a cheese that is halfway between Asiago and hard Double Aged Gouda, with its crunchy little protein crystals and sweet nutty taste. It is basically like candy made of milk solids.

It also has the uncanny ability to pair with any beverage–everything from easygoing crisp whites to burly tannic reds. However, don't stop there. Try it with big beers like IPAs, and Bourbon Whiskeys. Even for dessert, it is a match made in heaven with Charming Beard's La Minita Costa Rica. These third wave coffee beans from Utah's coolest new roaster smell like floral honey while still in the bag so it is no wonder they light up this cheese when brewed. In fact, I can safely say this unorthodox pairing is as good as most great wine pairings.

Come try some of this crybaby-approved cheese. Snobs, don't worry, it may be a cheap trick, but so are many of life's guilty pleasures.