Whether she's a jet-setter, working woman or on-the-go mom, every woman has a list of essentials that must be packed along at all times. And although the list may differ from woman to woman, I'm sure we can all agree that our signature scent is something we rarely want to be without.

Melissa Smith created Pasteline perfume in a tube as an easy and discreet on-the-go remedy for the risk of leaking atomizers and rollerballs. I chatted with her this week to get the low-down on this bright idea.

SLM: Where did you get the inspiration to create this product?

MS: I'd worked in beauty product development for years, and the idea came from my love affair with fragrance. I’d forget to apply perfume until I was out the door, and didn’t want another rollerball leaking in my purse. And I wanted to sneak on my perfume in public without the telltale sound of a spritz. I realized something as convenient to tote as a lip balm would be ideal. So I asked my brother, a cosmetic chemist, to formulate a base, and worked with a perfume house to create the blends. My passion for animals inspired the design on the packaging.


SLM: How does Pasteline differ from other travel-size perfumes?

MS: First, it’s solid—made with 100% pure plant wax—not liquid, so it won’t seep in your purse, like with some rollerballs and atomizers. Second, it’s a stick, so you can apply it with no mess under your nails like with solid perfume in pots.


SLM: What else makes this product unique?

MS: Each perfume tube comes in a darling collectable box that needs no wrapping as a gift. Pasteline is fun for a woman or young woman to receive on any occasion, even Mother’s Day, graduation, birthday, shower, or appreciation.


SLM: Where can I get my hands on some?

Urban Wear locations at Fashion Place Mall and University Mall, The Paisley Pomegranate in Holladay, and Soel Boutique in The Shops at Riverwoods in Provo. Also online at pasteline.com.


Pasteline is easy to apply. Because it has the same look and consistency as a lip balm stick (so don't get the two confused!) you can basically just "draw" it on your pulse points or wherever else you’d like to radiate its scent.

And what’s even better, Pasteline gives back. Ten percent of net proceeds from Pasteline.com are donated to animal rescue organizations.