Caring for a pet can be a daunting task. You have to know which foods to buy, exercise requirements, vaccinations—the list goes on and on. But thanks to local pros, like those at Willow Creek Pet Center, we have resources to help care for our pets.

From simple vet visits to extensive surgeries, this vet is a trusted name and place to find all the solutions for your pet's needs. They even offer a Pet Taxi, which picks up and drops off your pet when it's time for their vet visits.

Willow Creek began serving Utah in 1983 and was established by Dr. Rick Campbell. Today, the pet center employs more than 70 professionals, including seven certified veterinarians. Campbell knows the bond between human and animal is very unique, and he has had a certain compassion for pets his whole life. "I knew I would one day be a veterinarian because when I was a young lad and cared for so many animals, I found a genuine love and desire to help them lead healthy and happy lives," Campbell says.

When locals visit the center, they are sure to find this type of love and kindness in the service given by Campbell and team. Campbell says that if he could change anything in the pet industry, it would be the amount of brands and products that often overwhelm honest pet owners. "Consulting with a veterinarian is the best thing any pet owner could do. Trying to pick what's best for your pet isn't always the best solution for what your pet may truly need," says Dr. Campbell.

More information about Willow Creek Pet Center can be found on their website. They are located at 2055 E. Creek Road, Cottonwood Heights.

Tips from the Dr. Campbell:

1. Train Away Bad Behavior. Behavior problems are a major cause to why so many animals are abandoned by pet owners. Willow Creek has additional material on how to train your pets best.

2. Feed your pet healthy pet food, and nothing else. Many animal foods today are 100 percent nutrionally-balanced. Feeding your pet human food often leads to diarrhea, vomiting, and unwanted behaviors, like breaking into garbage cans.

3. Exercise with your pets. Animals love being with us, and they enjoy good exercise, too.