Spring is definitely the season of rebirth. Flowers bloom, leaves reappear, and fashion trends we might have thought were gone forever pop up again. We've already touched on the fact that fluorescents and fanny packs are all the rage, but how about overalls?

Believe it. Whether denim, leather, floral or faded, the one-piece jumpsuit is back. Back so strong, in fact, it’s difficult to find a retailer who isn’t jumping back on the overall bandwagon. From cropped legs to shorts, fitted or forgiving, it seems there is a style and shape to fit just about any taste or body type.

So if you happened to miss the opportunity last decade, go ahead and take the plunge into jumpsuit territory. Or, if you’re one of the lucky ones who hoarded her old pair, shake off the dust and see what it feels like to rock ‘em again.

From left:

Viva Vena! Patch Pocket Overalls, Nordstrom

Faded Denim Jumper, Zara

Railroad Printer Overall, Free People

BDG Denim Overall, Urban Outfitters

Leather Studio Jumpsuit, Zara