With every passing minute, the Internet becomes a more complex and scary place.

If you own a business, getting lost on the Web is a challenge you'll likely face, traying to engage customers. But Utah-owned company Friendemic can help you get some perspective when you take on the online world.

Since 2010, Friendemic has been providing online solutions for businesses across the nation. "We love to provide people with an authentic, transparent voice online. It's easy to be like a cookie-cutter when engaging with customers online, and we commit ourselves to bring an individual value to customer engagement through online platforms," says Brian Rzentkowski, co-founder of Friendemic.

Recently, the company's success caught the eye of Rothenberg Ventures, a venture capitalist firm in Silicon Valley.

The Friendemic Crew. Photo courtesy of Friendemic.

Rothenberg has invested in 15 businesses this past year, with Friendemic being their first-ever in Utah. Their excitement over Friendemic came from the company's innovation toward utilizing social media, their team-oriented atmosphere, and rapid growth.

"We are excited to use our recent investment to expand our capablities as a company," says Jason Barber, CEO and co-founder of Friendemic. "Gaining attention from Silicon Valley is extremely difficult because not only do you need a product worth investments, but you also have to know someone, who knows someone. It's almost like you can't just pitch your business, but you have to be introduced—at leasts that's how it worked for us," he said.

Friendemic is on-course to nearly triple in size this year alone, and they will be hiring local talent in the near future. So, if you know someone who knows someone, you might just have an in—or, you can just give them a call and tell them you want to help out. Click here to learn more about Friendemic.