Take Earth’s natural beauty and pair it with a fashionable edge and you've just summed up Collarbone jewelry. 

Jewelry designer Catharine Luckett began the line in 2010 almost by accident, after a single necklace attracted a lot of attention. Since then, she's created a collection using some of the most beautiful pieces of nature thrown in with an expression that sets it apart from anything you could buy off the rack.

"Collarbone jewelry is hand-crafted and created from intuition, inner reflection and connection to the higher self," says Catharine. "A lot of other fashion jewelry is made overseas. Collarbone jewelry is made by hand with love, expression and connection to nature, and, aboce all, a story in every piece.

Catharine Luckett, designer and founder of Collarbone

I chatted a bit more with Catharine to find out what really makes this collection come to life.

SLM: Tell me about the materials you use to make this jewelry.

CL: Collarbone Jewelry is inspired by the raw esthetics of the natural world. I source materials that are close to their natural state.  This includes sticks and wood, raw stones, pearls, shells, plants, moss and metals such as brass and 14k gold fill. I also use an up-cycle approach where gun shells, old keys, and found objects can be seen in my work.

SLM: Such unique materials. Why did you choose to work with them?

CL: The materials in my work find me. I choose to work with raw stones and up cycled items because most products on the market are mass produced and impersonal. I want to connect the wearer to nature, to art, to love. The gun shells in my work are a reflection of cycles and the human condition. Destruction and rebirth are inevitable. When something dies, something else grows.

SLM: What inspired you to make jewelry in the first place?

CL: I must be creating something at all times - it is how I stay grounded to my down-to-earth approach. I love to create jewelry because it is art that people can wear and develope sentiment around. My jewelry is a reflection of my relationship to nature, as well as my love for style and unique design.  I love that people all over the world have pieces of my jewelry, and that my concept for connection resonates with so many people from different backgrounds and lifestyles.

From left:

Smokey Quartz Trio necklace, $80 | Trinket Quarry bracelet, $95 | Gunshell + Pyrite earrings, $60

Get your hands on your own piece of Collarbone jewelry by shopping the company's website, at Flight Boutique on Main Street in Park City, or downtown Salt Lake at Tempest Couture and C.G Sparks.