Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, and you know what that means. It's swimsuit season again, whether we like it or not. The pool is open, the weather is accommodating, and it's time to break out your beach bod.

If you're still fretting over which suit to buy, worry no more. No matter your body type or which water activities you'll be participating in this summer, there's a suit to fit your style, and swimsuit expert and owner of Persona Swimwear, Emily Sanders has a few pointers for scoring the perfect one.


First, let's talk body type. The shapes and sizes of our bodies are about as unique as our fingerprints, so of course when it comes to swim suits there is no one-size-fits-all.

For women with a bigger bust, Emily suggests, "Anything with underwire, padding and support. You want to shape the bust and hold them up high!" If you're smaller up top, pick a top with ruffles or a busier pattern, and padding is a must. You can also get away with a string bikini, but make it one with texture to add visual fullness.

If you're bigger through the hips, Emily suggests picking a suit with a higher cut or a bottom that ties. "Ties help to avoid any bulges, and you want the bottoms to flow with your curves and show them off," she says.

Two-piece suits are most flattering to those with straight figures, especially when they create the illusion of curves. Emily suggests picking something with a pattern to bring attention to the hips and bust, which gives the figure a more curved look. If it's an hourglass figure you're rocking, a classic vintage suit that shows off your shape is for you. "The main focus should be just under the bust, to show off the narrow waistline," Emily says.

Of course you’ll need a suit that not only fits your body perfectly, but also stands up to whatever water activity you have in store. 


The Alice in Wonderland ($85), The Trendsetter ($89)

“It’s important when playing at the beach to have the right suit for the right purpose. If you’re chasing kids, it’s best to go with the Alice because it holds everything in and up. The Trendsetter is also perfect because it stays up, but doesn’t have as much coverage, so you can soak up the sun.” 



Moulin Rouge ($98), Venice Beach ($89)

California Dreamin’ ($76), Romance ($98)

“At the pool it’s all about style and looking your best lounging. I recommend the Moulin Rouge in Cheetah, the Venice Beach bikini, or, if you are daring, the California Dreamin' string bikini. You’ll be wearing something different, you’ll stand out and ladies will be asking where you got your suit. I’m in love with the Romance suit for the fact that the color is striking and the tone gives anyone that summer glow.”



Roller Derby Girl ($85), Alice in Wonderland ($85)

“You don’t want your bottoms falling down while water skiing, so save yourself any embarrassment or flashing your in-laws by wearing boy shorts or a bottom with an elastic. I recommend the Roller Derby Girl or the Alice, they are both feminine but sporty.

For more information on Persona Swimwear, visit their website. You can purchase each of these suits online or check out the collection at Pretty You Boutique in Kaysville. Also don’t miss the line’s one-night feature at Slavy Boutique in Ogden (163 25th Street) on Thursday, June 6 at 6:30 p.m.