Just because we run short on beaches here in Utah doesn't mean you can't sport some beautiful beachy waves during the summer. And just because you want beachy waves doesn't mean you need to crank up the heat to make it happen. 

Between the damaging rays and heat of the sun and the chemicals from the pool, our hair can go through quite a number in the summer. So why not cut it a break every once in a while and skip out on blow drying? If you're blessed with natural waves, it's easy, but for those of us who aren't, a little extra help is on it's way.


It's obvious that the first step in ditching your blowdryer is actually washing your hair with shampoo and water. Bumble and bumble's Surf foam wash shampoo and creme rinse conditioner will get you off on the right track toward bouyancy and beachiness. 

Available at Sephora


If it's chemical (read: chlorine) buildup you're combating, detox your hair with a firm yet gentle formula like Kevin Murphy's Maxi.Wash Shampoo. It's perfect for post-pool washes. Pre-pool, protect your tresses by first rinsing your hair with clean tap water, then spray on a good leave-in conditioner, like Staying.Alive by Kevin Murphy. Doing so will protect your hair from absorbing all the nasty that's lurking in the pool water.

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Finally, since you're skipping the hot styling tools, you'll need a little (or a lot) of assistance from styling products. Lucky for you, there's tons of stuff out there that promises to create the beachy waves you're going for. Whether it's a spray, gel, creme or mousse, the final result is what's most important: Soft, non-crunchy, effortless style.

Kérsatase Spray Á Porter creates a soft, buildable texture without the stickiness that a creme or gel might offer. (Pre-order on kerastase-usa.com. Available to ship on June 20, 2013.)

Not only does Alterna's Summer Ocean Waves spray give you summer hair, it also helps protect color treated hair and is free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic dye, petrochemicals and phthalates. (Available at Ulta.)

If you want the tousled look without any burn to the pocketbook, try on got2b's Beach Trippin' Waving Spray. At only $4 you can afford to buy one for home and one for your beach bag. (Available at Walmart.)

Simply apply the product to damp, towel-dried hair and scruch from ends to root. Continue scrunching periodically as your hair dries.