ROGUE WAVE, URBAN LOUNGE, Wednesday, June 12, 9 p.m., $16

Apparently you CAN go home again, at least when it comes to record companies. Oakland pop-rockers Rogue Wave released their excellent 2004 album Out of the Shadow on SubPop before hooking on to Dave Matthews' Brushfire Records and then Vagrant for a few releases. Now, the band led by singer/guitarist Zach Rogue is back based on Seattle's SubPop for Descended Like Vultures, a collection that veers from sounding at times like classic rock, and others like pure power-pop. It's the first time Rogue has gathered all the members of the band into the studio to record--Rogue Wave relied more on traded files and tapes before this latest collection--and the cohesiveness shines through. Koala Temple opens the show.