“Fahrenheit,” by Koh Sang Woo

The newest art gallery in Ogden opened its doors during recent Ogden Art’s Festival. WhiteSpace, a contemporary art venue, offers artists a chance to display their work in the one-of-a-kind art banquet hall.

“It’s a good way for art students to test the waters with their work," says Scott Patria, co-owner of WhiteSpace. "They learn it’s not as simple as hanging up their art.”

Within a few weeks a reservation system will be set up on the website for galleries and banquets of contemporary art. Patria hopes to host a salon series in the coming months with art paired with music, dance or poetry.

“Core,” by Emil Alzamora

“It’s a blank space, a white box, WhiteSpace is meant to be a blank canvas, we want people to come in and use the entire space to show off their contemporary art,” Patria says.

For June, the space will be featuring “Melange” with paintings, photography and a sculpture. The exhibit focuses on the visceral paintings by Rogelio Manzo, and photography by Amelju, of Ogden.

WhiteSpace is located at 2420 Wall Ave., Ogden, just off of Historic 25th Street. The venue is walking distance from the Ogden Frontrunner Station and parking is availbe on 24th street.

To contact Patria about renting the space visit their website whitespacecontemporary.org.

“Georginio,” by Rogelio Manzo