We called out for your gardening tips, and you did not disappoint.

We loved your clever tips for invigorating vegetation, like this one from Michelle Moore:

"Take the time to prune your cilantro plant frequently so it will help delay bolting and prolong your harvest time."

garden grown herb cilantro
Michelle Moore's cilantro. Photo provided by Michelle Moore.

And this one from Mary Swan:

"Although I have had my peony plant for years, it took quite some time to get them established. It can take two or three years before a new plant provides you with a display of flowers, so don't get discouraged if yours doesn't bloom the first spring after planting."

Pink peony plant

Mary Swan's peony plant, photo provided by Mary Swan.

And reader Angie Olsen submitted this suggestion from her tomato garden: "My gardening tip would be let gardening become a family affair, get the little ones involved in weeding and watering. They LOVE it!"

Angie Olsen's growing tomatoes, photo provided by Angie Olsen. 

Congratulations to green thumb contest winner Renee Huang, who blends green living with her green thumb.

Her tip: "Recycle egg cartons into seedling starters on your windowsill. Transfer into your tilled garden after 7 to 10 days when sprouts are several inches tall."

seedings in egg carton
Renee Huang's seedlings, photo provided by Renee Huang.

Renee wins a $50 gift card to Log Haven.

Thank you to all who submitted your great tips. May your flora flourish.