You know what they say about necessity being the mother of all invention. And whoever invented shorts must have lived through a sweltering summer long enough to find that pants, and even a lot of skirts, just weren't cutting it.

Whether you prefer the longer Bermuda variety or shorter-than-short shorts, whip out the razor, glam up your gams and give your legs some fresh air and sunshine.

Here's a few you might want to try on for size:

Bermuda Shorts, Cake Boutique

Bermuda shorts offer more coverage while still maintaining a flattering silhouette. The trick with this cut is to look for a pair that fits well and is more tailored to fit closely to the thigh without being too tight.

S.Y.L.K Camille Short, Mary Jane's

The great thing about vertical stripes is the illusion of length the pattern creates. This pleated pair is forgiving to the features we might not love the most, and the stripes make legs appear long and lean.

Calvi Lacework Shorts, Anthropologie

Just go ahead and slip on on this pair and see if it doesn't make you feel ultra feminine. Lace is hot this season, and this classed up version of your everyday shorts will win out over cutoffs any day of the week.

Resort Border Print Linen Shorts, LOFT

Feeling rather daring? A bold print makes a statement that'll get you all the right kind of stares. Pair it with a solid top and basic shoes to let the print work its own magic.

Funktional Shorts, Lolabella

Talk about an amped up alternative to your basic cuffed shorts. When paired with a great pair of heels or platforms, these shorts effortlessly transition from day to night.