Of course we all know by now that Kraft Singles are not good cheese. Anyone deigning to read this blog has bought into the mantra that giant cheese companies don't make the best cheese. 

However, it is also important to understand that just because a producer is small does not make their cheese automatically good. While overall, supporting local is an overwhelmingly good thing, the public's enthusiasm for the locavore diet has one unfortunate side effect. Namely, wide spread subsidizing of fairly bad to mediocre product. 

Just because someone reads a couple of books, quits the day job and starts a small farm does not make them a great cheese maker. By definition, if some cheese makers are great, many more are not. Being truly great at something entails not only outlier levels of dedication, but outlier levels of skill (and usually experience). 

As a cheesemonger I feel it is my duty to connect people with great cheese. Often times this means supporting a truly great local cheese maker, but certainly not carrying all local cheeses. Just the great ones. It also means, carrying cheeses that are from around the world and maybe not from tiny producers. Case in point, Igor brand Gorgonzola Dolce.

Igor is certainly not a small producer, but in multiple blind taste tests against several other Gorgonzola Dolce producers, I can tell you that none of the other brands even come close. The Igor exhibits bright aromas of pears and flowers with a clean finish. None of the back of the throat "pukey" taste one might assume would come with a Gorgonzola.

Break out of your mind set on Gorgonzola. This is not merely for salads. This is a table cheese. Serve for dessert with seasonal fruit. Literally magic with Paolo Saracco Moscato d' Asti. I also have a really quick (and kind of cheating) gnocchi recipe that uses this cheese as the base and bulk of the sauce.  

The greatness of this cheese knows few bounds and at $11.99/lb you get to experience the other benefit of buying from an ethical yet large company: affordability! Regardless of price or company size, I have not found better Gorgonzola Dolce.