Summer is the best time to kick off your shoes, run barefoot through the grass, eat fresh food from farmer's markets and just get back to basics. So it only makes sense that for this month's picks we feature a few products that are just that: a little more basic, yet indulgent enough that you'll want to keep a good stock of them all year long.

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Bubble and Bee Pit Putty: I know what you're thinking, "An organic deodorant? Really? Does it work?" The answer is yes. The secret ingredient is all-natural arrowroot powder that absorbs sweat, and the rest of the vegan, gluten-free and synthetic chemical-free ingredients kind of smell good enough to eat. But don't. (Also available at Whole Foods)

Butter London polish in 'Colour Clash Wellies,' Got Beauty: Green is the color to beat this year, and when you've got it in an opaque, flashy, grass like shade, there is no competition - especially in summer.

Lollia Handcreme, Tabula Rasa: This monthly list would be lost without a product that plays double duty, and that's exactly what this one does. Not only does it leave your skin feeling silky soft without a greasy residue, but it even looks fabulous as a pretty little nightstand accessory. Much better than those giant plastic pump bottles, I'd say.

Blissful Bean Turtle Scrub, Natural Joy Beauty: This is a Salt Lake magazine Best of the Beehive 2012 winner that I’ll sing praises to forever. It's especially handy this time of year when you're applying and reapplying sunless tanners and exfoliating is a must. Not only does it do it's exfoliating job like a dream, the coconut oli leaves your skin so smooth and soft you can even make a few touch ups with your razor, sans shaving cream.

Arcona Kiwi Cream Bar facial cleanser, Nordstrom: If you want to kick off an at-home facial, start here. The clean and light scent of this cleanser isn't overwhelmingly fruity, but it's natural smelling enough to know that you're doing good things for your skin. It's perfect for dry skin as it replenishes hydration and minimizes pores.


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