I love the Utah Arts Festival, but I can't sit through an entire RDT performance. Even Bandaloop made me a little antsy. One number by Minx and I was done. Couldn't stay up late enough to hear Jason Isbell and I get tired of photos or even sculptures of aspens bending in the wind. And big-eyed spooky Edward Gorey girls. I enjoy working a pottery wheel, but I can't get enthused about other people's stoneware. 

I love the scene, the people-watching, the idea that the city is celebrating art in all its forms and for all ages. 

But the stuff that I love to look at the most is the urban arts stuff. The spontaneity and guerrilla attitude of spray paint art enchants me. I don't mean crude tagging. I mean the real works. We have a lot of good street art in SLC, and I'm glad it gets its corner spotlight at the Utah Arts Festival. The big eagle was a joint work by volunteer artists, each painter spraying a 10 x 10 square. The little eagle was inspired by the big one. 

Oh, here's the other thing I loved at this year's arts festival: bacon. Lucky 13's BLT wrap was terrific. But even I can't call it art.