The flaming truck on I80 caused a lot of people to give up on Savor the Summit this year—traffic was absolutely stopped and it was taking people an hour and a half to get from the base to Parley's. Some just dropped out. 

Fortunately we were warned and went the back way up Guardsman's Pass, only pausing for a few Ragnar stragglers and making to our table in front of Talisker on Main just at 6:15, where Sean Marron was ready with the night's signature cocktail: a mix of lemon grass, coconut milk and rum. 

Talisker's theme was white this year. All the guests were requested to wear white,

and the table was draped and dressed in layers of white and pale springlike green. Almost wedding-like, but not quite. 

As usual, the tables stretched all the way down Main Street. Unusually, there were no wave toasts this year. Bit of a bummer, but the whole crowd could have been tired from the drive. 

Briar Handly and his crew served the course by course banquet in high style: Every course had a color, and very little menu description. 

For example, the first course was called 'White." A cauliflower floret. A radish slice or two. A dab here and there of sauce. Doesn't sound like much and didn't look like much—some of our tablemates started planning a visit to Vinto's after the dinner—but the taste was big. And who knew there was a wine that complemented cauliflower? Leave it to sommelier Marron to find one: Pena das Donas, Godello Almolarga, a Spanish white.

"Purple"—beet and potato—was paired with a Gruner Veltliner.

And the menu continued through "Brown" (mushroom and goats milk), "Black," a square of squid ink pasta topped with tentacles, which reinforced our neighbors' lust for post-prandial pizza,

"Green," a gorgeous rendition of shortrib with intensely green mint and peas,

and ended with "Red," a cube of panna cotta withe berries and rhubarb served with a Rosa Regale sparkler.

The biggest moon of the year rose over the longest table. It was silver.