Imagine wearing your perfume in a way that it never comes in contact with your skin, but still gives off the pleasant scent you're going for. Next, imagine being able to easily change that scent without showering, washing or even wiping. All it takes is a few tiny ScentSpheres and a beautifully crafted locket. 

Karen Carter and Susan Harward founded Vessel Scents of Style in 2011 after both were involoved in a corporate layoff and Karen had the brilliant idea to combine perfume and jewelry. "I've always loved smelling perfume at the cosmetic counters and on my sisters and friends, but I've never been able to wear perfume because of skin sensitivity," Karen says. "As I started researching the idea, I found a few products on the market, but nothing like like what I was envisioning. In my mind I saw beautiful jewelry and lots of color from scented inserts inside uniquely designed lockets and add-on charms to personalize each piece."

Susan Harward, left, and Karen Carter, right.

Now, Karen's vision has become a reality as the line boasts a collection of lockets, chains, earrings, ribbons, charms and scented inserts (known as ScentSpheres), which are all interchangeable to suit your personality or even your mood.

I chatted with Karen for a few more details on her bright-idea-turned-business.

SLM: How do the ScentSpheres work exactly?

KC: The truly innovative aspect to our patent-pending scented jewelry system is our ScentSpheres. These beautiful little beads are made from natural materials that absorb and retain fragrance. We customize each individual order, so you can combine any ScentSpheres with any fragrance. The options are almost endless! You can also choose fragrance-free ScentSpheres and use your own perfume or essential oils. If you're using your own perfume or essential oils, just be sure to dry the ScentSpheres after applying, and handle your Vessel jewelry with clean, dry hands.

SLM: How many ScentSpheres do you suggest using at a time?

KC: Our Lockets vary in size, from small Lockets that hold 2 to 3 ScentSpheres, to larger Lockets that hold 25 or so of the round beads, and even more of the smaller, shaped beads. The bigger the Locket and the more ScentSpheres used, the more intense your fragrance will be. That's one of the many versatile aspects of our product line - you can vary your fragrance strength by the size of Locket and number of ScentSpheres used. 

SLM: How long does the scent last before you suggest replacing the ScentSpheres?

KC: Fragranced ScentSpheres will last up to several months, depending on your preference for scent strength. Keeping the beads in the included jar when not in use will help extend fragrance life.

SLM: What is the best way for customers to purchase the jewelry?

KC: In the beginning stages of the company, we quickly realized that direct sales, and specifically Home Parties, was the ideal approach for showing, sharing and selling our products. It is so much fun to get a group of women and girls together and watch them create their own personalized piece of Vessel scented jewelry. Vessel provides an opportunity for women to expand their lives, their circles of influence, and their income. Customers can visit our website to learn more about our company and one-of-a-kind product line. Anyone can purchase our jewelry through our on-line store.

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