KUTV's Casey Scott.

“We are here to raise money for a new ‘N,'” joked Casey Scott, KUTV personality and emcee at the Union of the Birds and the Bees fundraiser. He was talking about the burned-out letter in the historic Union Station's sign in Ogden. But while the banter was full of levity, the beer and cheese pairing event, hosted by Roosters Brewing Co. and Beehive Cheese, meant a lot to the preservation foundation of the old rail stop.                

“The Union Station Foundation took over operation and maintenance of the station in 2004, when the city decided it could no longer afford to pay for it,” says executive director Roberta Beverly. “Naturally, we love fundraisers.”           

Beverly says the building represents the glory days of the railways. Beginning in 1924, Union Station was a hub for each of the five rail systems and over 100 passenger trains a day. If a person was traveling from New York to California, they had to transfer in Ogden.

“So many people stayed, Ogden City’s population has lots of diversity,” Beverly says. The station is featured in many resident’s personal history. 

Roosters brought 12 signature brews for patrons to sample, including their Junction City Chocolate Stout, while Beehive Cheese provided culinary creations including a grilled vegetable and flatbread Panini and deep fried cheese curds. Although the temperature sat just three degrees below the century mark, after a bit of fare and libation in the outdoor Fountain Plaza, no one seemed to be bothered. Local band Shades of Grey performed unique stylings of classic songs and encouraged audience sing-alongs.

All proceeds for this event will go toward the maintenance of the station, a gathering place for Ogdenites at the end of Historic 25th Street, where 19th century buildings are packed with restaurants, art galleries, specialty clothing shops and salons.

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