Co-owner Steve Hatch at his chocolate shop.

At Hatch Family Chocolates, making chocolate is more than a job, it's a way of life. The art of hand-dipping chocolates was passed down to Steve and Katie Hatch after generations of making sweet treets. The couple started by dipping for friends and neighbors during the holidays. And after gaining some notoriety, they decided to combine co-owner Katie's love of pastries with their love and passion for chocolate.

Choose from a variety of delicious milk and dark chocolates when you visit this unique neighborhood shop.

Making chocolate is more difficult than it seems. "Chocolate's really finicky, and it's really unique and different," says Steve Hatch. "It reacts differently every time . . . you have to play with it all the time to get the same result. There isn't an easy way to explain chocolate."

To make great chocolate, you have to be patient. "I think that really to work with chocolate, you have to be flexible and willing to not go by the book so much, but be able to able to adapt and keep changing and not freak out when things don't work," Hatch adds.

Hatch employees learn about the chocolates and are eager to help you find something to satisfy your sweet tooth

"A lot of the recipes were passed down from my grandmother and my family, but they're still being evolved," Hatch says. "There's bad experimenting as well as good. I remember playing with the hot chocolate recipes. I made hundreds of crappy hot chocolates before we came up with the good recipe."

With so many menu items, even regulars take a while to order. Hatch says he loves their truffles and caramels and is addicted to their homemade cookies. "If you look around, everyone's eating something different," Hatch says. The Karamel Malone Krispies, which have two layers of Rice Krispy Treat, a marshmallow cream, caramel and can be dipped in different toppings, are a popular choice.

Cool down with Hatch's signature frozen hot chocolate.

Hatch Family Chocolates hand-dips everything on their menu so no two items are the same, and they also make their own ice cream. But Hatch says something else sets them apart from other chocolate shops: "I think it's the avenues," he says. "It was really important to us when we opened that we came somewhere like this as opposed to just going to a strip mall. We wanted a neighborhood spot—we wanted to be somewhere we would add to the community."

Hatch hosts free outdoor movies in the summer using a large screen on their roof. They loved the idea of doing a dessert bar movie theater and saw this as the perfect opportunity. Drop by for one of their movie nights, while you enjoy a delicious cup of frozen hot chocolate.