Photo courtesy of Posh Paws.

Posh Paws is a small pet boutique where you can find clothing and accessories for any micro-sized pup.

They carry stylish, fitted clothes and quality pet accessories including brands like ChaCha Couture, Zack and Zoey, Puppia, Pinkaholic NY and Mimi Green collars. Products for dogs with sensitive skin are also available, along with small bowls and comfy beds.

And if you're looking to reward your dog, you can pick up gourmet treats from Miss Pearls Dog Bakery and Spoiled Pooch Bakery at the store. They also bake birthday cakes, donuts, cupcakes, cookies and ice cream for your favorite pooch. Everything is made from all-natural ingredients.  

If your dog has been splashing in mud puddles, you can use their shampoo and conditioner, apron, towel, dryer and brushes and wash your dog yourself. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can send your dog to be groomed by their professional groomer. Each appointment includes a wash, fresh-smelling after spray, coat conditioner and an Eye Envy eye treatment. They can accommodate all dogs from extra small to extra large. The environment is cage-free in an effort to create a relaxing experience.

Visit them in the 9th and 9th neighborhood with your posh dog.