Courtesy of Pink Jeep Tours, Sedona.

Outdoor rec meets new age in Sedona, Ariz. Downtown is full of psychics and sales on healing crystals, while the red rock landscape calls to hikers and mountain bikers. But if you’d rather sit in shade while you’re on an outdoor adventure, we recommend taking a Jeep fit for Barbie with Pink Jeep Tours (800-873-3662,

One ton, custom pink Jeep Wranglers take up to 10 guests to spots with names like Snoopy Rock, Elephant Rock and Thunder Mountain to see Sedona’s stunning views. “Besides seeing the amazing red rock views, our guests enjoy the comfort of the custom Jeeps that are equipped for traveling the rough terrain, our partnership with the forest service to help maintain the trails, and the entertaining aspects of the tours with our guides’ knowledge and humor,” says Heather Herman, Pink Jeep spokesperson.

Tours run $49–$168 per person and can last up to five hours. Bring a camera, hat and sunscreen. Water and blankets are provided. Sedona also has Jeep tours from other outfitters, but those Jeeps aren’t, you know, pink.

Make basecamp Sedona Cathedral Hideaway (866-973-3662, where you’ll find luxury rooms within walking distance from Cathedral Rock, a Sedona landmark near a purported energy vortex. 

Other Stuff to Do

Another Way to Go: By Slide

Once you had enough Jeeping, travel by slide. Slide Rock State Park, in nearby Oak Creek Canyon, has a sandstone creek/natural water slide that makes it the most popular swimming hole around. To get away from the crowd, take a hike up the canyon or wade in the deep pools, but don’t leave without sliding the creek. 

Art With Your Wine

Whether you’re going in September or October, the city has a festival to check out. The best of Arizona’s wine industry, including Arizona Stronghold Vineyards, Bitter Creek Winery and Zarpara Vineyard, will sell by the case, bottle and glass at the Sedona Winefest. The event also features an art exhibition. It’s held on the Airport Mesa from Sept. 28–29. If art is your thing, don’t miss the Sedona Arts Festival, featuring 125 artists at Sedona Red Rock High School, Oct. 12–13. 

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