Blue cheeses are a flavor force on their own but when you add the rich fatty and tangy buffalo milk to the mix you may expect a shockingly bold experience. Of course if you were to take such a cheese and cultivate a washed rind to make it stinky you would really be flirting with palate shock. Right?

Not so fast. Blu di Bufala from Bergamo, Italy is just such a stinky buffalo blue, yet manages to be mild enough for a table cheese. Texturally it is rich and fatty, but  is cut by a very pleasant hint of bitterness and acidity. It is not as sharp or salty as most blues either. The flavor is deep and funky with notes of stewed tomatoes and hay.  

Our Caputo's on 15th location occasionally uses Blu di Bufala to make a blue cheese dressing for a classic wedge salad served with Clifford Farms Provo bacon and chives (pic below). I am going to try to talk them into making for tonight's Jazz on the patio so I can go eat a cheesy, bacony, wedge tonight. 

While it is great in recipes such as this, its true calling is on the cheese board. Serve it before a meal with a crisp rosé or after dinner with a Moscato d' Asti.